eyeBrain NeuroLenses

Do you experience...

  • - Headaches? 
  •  -Migraines?
  • - Neck pain or stiffness?
  • - Discomfort at your computer? 
  • - Dry eyes?
  • - Motion sickness?

I f you said "yes" to any of these symptoms, you're not alone -- in fact, The Vision Council says that 65% of Americans suffer from symptoms just like these. In order to better care for our patients, Austin Optometry Group is adding an exciting, new technology that has been proven to alleviate these types of symptoms.

eyeBrain Medical is a company that is currently working with a small, select group of optometrists throughout the country and on February 22nd, 2017 we became the 12th clinic in the United States to implement eyeBrain's SightSync and neuroLens technology to our clinic so that we can better help patients like you!

If you find yourself experiencing any of the symptoms above please call us at (714) 634-0033 to be one of our first patients to experience this exciting technology firsthand.

To learn more about eyeBrain's technology, visit www.eyebrainmedical.com or watch the video below.



Austin Optometry uses i.Scription®, a revolutionary new technology by ZEISS that determines the unique requirements of your eyes with far greater precision than standard methods, resulting in eyeglass lenses more attuned to your vision needs than any other lenses available today. 
The i.Scription difference begins with the eye exam. With i.Scription, your doctor examines your pupil under multiple lighting conditions, and can detect even the smallest impediments to achieving optimal vision. The result is a more precise prescription and ZEISS customized lenses that can give you the best possible vision.

i.Scription by ZEISS is based on data collected from the i.Profiler -- an instrument designed to determine the exact "fingerprint" of your eyes. This makes it possible for VISION to create ZEISS customized lenses with i.Scription to deliver the best vision possible.


Austin Optometry is  proud to be one of the select practices to use i.Terminal™ by ZEISS, the advanced digital fitting technology for the most accurate eyeglass fitting measurements.

i.Terminal™ by ZEISS takes special measurements of your frame and facial contours to produce a customized lens as individual as you.

i.Terminal by ZEISS is a unique integrated dispensary system that combines a new level of fitting and measurement precision for eyeglass lenses and delivers an enhanced patient consultation. The patient can view images of themselves in their chosen frame to see how the frame will look when worn.


An OCT is like an MRI for the eye.  This cutting edge technology allows us to scan your eyes in the matter of seconds!  Its resolution is so sensitive that your doctor can see what layer of the retina is affected by any eye pathology.

These scans are interpreted and compared to a normative database to help detect eye pathology.  In addition, an OCT scan can be used to manage and track eye diseases over time.